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Become an affiliate and make $14.55 for every sale made from potential clients you refer to Waterhouse Research. Many of our clients buy many eBay Arbitrages every month. You can earn literally thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions.

  • Sign up is free
  • Make sure you get the affiliate commissions for your contacts before someone else refers them to us.
  • Payments are made monthly via PayPal
  • Note: Payouts require a minimum balance of $200
  • Also, we don't pay commissions on products you buy through your own affiliate link. That wouldn't be fair to the person who referred you.

How it works: Simply register to be an affiliate and we will provide you with your own affiliate link i.e http://waterhouseresearch.com/xxxxxx

Simply email this link to anyone who you think would be interested in increasing their eBay margins and every time they make a purchase we will instantly credit your affiliate account with $14.55. Bear in mind most customers do not just buy 1, they continually purchase month after month, year after year.

You can also embed the link into your website or blog too. We can provide you with a Banner (Picture).

Then once a month we will transfer your commissions into your Paypal account.

It is that easy.

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