Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Waterhouse Research sell physical products?
A. No. Waterhouse Research (WR) is purely a data research company. WR's task is to find which physical products make money on Ebay.

Q. What is an Ebay Arbitrage?
A. An Ebay Arbitrage is what we call a product which sells for over double the price in which it can be purchased. i.e product x can be purchased for $10 and sells for $50. We call this an Ebay Arbitrage.

Q. What is MOQ?
A. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) This is the indicative minimum quantity a supplier will sell HOWEVER almost all suppliers are very negotiable and most will supply smaller numbers as samples i.e 6-10 pieces, some will even offer free samples. Our data show over 95% of products sold on Ebay today originates from China and the Chinese love to negotiate. If you are ready to order, they are very often ready to negotiate to smaller quantities.

Q. How much do you charge for each Ebay Arbitrage?The price of each arbitrage ranges from US $47 to US $297. The variation being on how much profit the item makes.


Each Ebay Arbitrage we find for you includes all the information you need including links to the item on Ebay so you can see it selling, how much profit is being made as well as links to supplier of each item. We take all the guess work out of product research and supply you with a continuous supply of new High Profit Products so you can build your business as fast or slow as you like just by adding more High Profit Products whenever you wish.

Each Ebay Arbitrage is sold only sold once. Once it is sold, it cannot be purchased by anyone else.

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. Our goal is to build long term relationships by helping you to build a High Profit online businesses. We don't take this responsibility lightly, we dedicate ourselves to doing everything we can to help you build a high profit business fast. If you ask us a question and the answer requires creating another instructional video we will create it and send it to you for free.

If any Ebay Arbitrage do not meet match the data on the dashboard (dashboard is in the free members area where you can see all the High Profit Product Opportunities before purchasing) then we will either replace or refund it. If you are not 100% happy with anything else at all, we will also refund or replace. Again our goal is to create long term relationships by helping you to build a High Profit online business.